The Faience Factories
of Gien

Since 1821, the Gien Faience Factory has been well known for its quality products and talented artists.
During the art deco period, Gien built its reputation on the reproduction of designs from Italy, Japan and Sevres.
The most sought after pieces are barbotines with impressionist colors, dishes with coats of arms and faience objects with gilded ornaments on the famous "Gien blue" background.
Since 1984, the Faiencerie de Gien has developed an image of modernism by calling on the talents of famous designers.

Medicis Vase

Apothecary Pots

 Gien Tradition

Launched in 1987, Gien Tradition is a limited edition collection of pieces, recreated from molds and original designs in the archives of the Faiencerie de Gien.

This collection is the result of a meticulous project of ordering and sorting the molds and engraving plates that have been kept for decades. (Illustration: Breakfast)


The Faiencerie de Gien has more than 2,600 prestigious customers who have ordered tableware with their coats of arms or monograms.

The main marks used on pieces made since 1822 make it possible to date faience pieces.
Marks used from 1822 to 1849
Marks used from 1851 to 1871
Marks used from 1866 to 1875
Marks used in 1875
Marks used from 1920 to 1984

Commode with Blue Background

Gien Vase

 The Gien Museum

The Faiencerie de Gien created the Gien Museum in 1986, that is visited by more than 40,000 people each year.
Built in an old clay body cave dating back to the 16th century, the museum tells the history of Gien from 1821 to the present.

Two rooms, including a 19th century dining room, show popular faience and artistic faience, along with many spectacular pieces created for different World's Fairs.


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