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Jean de Bueil began the construction of the Usse chateau in 1462, on the site of an older medieval castle.

Usse was changed from a feudal fortress (drawbridge, towers, battlements, keep...) in the 17th century when the main building at the north was destroyed, giving a beautiful view of the Loire, and terraces, such as at Versailles and Fontainebleau, were built.

Bird's eye view of the chateau

Usse seen from the Loire

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The interiors of the Ussé chateau

Usse is a chateau of dreams... Charles Perrault, visiting in the 17th century, took inspiration from it when writing "Sleeping Beauty".
The chateau has always been private property, and now belongs to the Blacas family, who has been trying to restore and enhance it for 20 years.



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