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Old Roses

An old rose is a rose whose stock was developed before the start of the 20th century.

Ancient roses are characterized by their fragile beauty and limited number of flowers, whereas modern hybrid roses are more resistant and have more flowers.

Different classifications of roses: Alba, Bourbon and Portland, Centifolia and Moss, China and Tea, Damask and Gallica

Round flower

Cupped flower


Flat flower


Rosette-shaped flower

Extensive cultivation of roses began in France in the 19th century. The "Duc de Guize", "Duchesse de Montebello", "Madame Hardy" and other varieties... are still cultivated today in the same way as most of the old roses.

The fashion for old roses began with the Empress Josephine. The botanist Pierre-Joseph Redoute has cataloged 250 varieties in the garden she created at her residence in Malmaison.

A great number of both French and British gardeners maintain a love for old roses, mixing the old stock with the ruggedness of modern roses.

 Different shapes

Single with five petals or semi-double with ten petals, they have prominent stamens.

Cupped :
Single or double, with curved-in petals that form a cup.

Round :
Round, well-defined contour with identically sized overlapping petals.

Pompon :
Small and compact, they form clusters with very short petals.

Rosette-shaped :
With a small heart, they are flat with petals that form a crown shape.

Pointed and Button-like :
A long elegant bud, they are oblong or urn-shaped.

Rosette shaped


Button like flower


Pompon flower



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