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Stars * are given to classify hotels, restaurants, campgrounds...
In France there are two classifications types using stars:

- National classifications, official, set up by ministries. Those classifications correspond to technical norms (bedroom area, bathroom number, internal services...). They are objective classifications to which all institutions are subjected.
In France they are reprentative for hotels and campgrounds.

- Classifications made by tourist guides which are more subjective but represent more reception, service quality, what you can eat ...
In France the most famous classification are the Michelin Guide Stars.


Norms correspond to minimal services. They don't give real information on some important elements like reception, calm, environment quality, activities...

Official classification set up according to the national rules on developed grounds:
* - 1 star : cheap, often without comfort (tend to disappear)
** - 2 stars : the most numerous. Basic comfort. 90 m2 sites on average.
*** - 3 stars : basic flower decoration, internal lighting, permanent caretaking, individual bathrooms, compulsory fresh supplies service in or close to the campground. 95 m2 sites on average.
**** - 4 stars : meeting rooms, dishsink with hot water, compulsory children bathrooms. 100 m2 sites on average.


Hotels are subjected to a compulsory national classification set up by a prefecture bylaw.
This classification concerns hotels only and goes from 0* to 4**** high luxury.
Norms are technical and concern halls' area, bedroom number, their area, number of bedroom with bathroom...

Michelin Guide

One of the most sold guides in France, a worldwide reference. The guide lists hotels and restaurants of the territory. The guide investigators give stars * to the best institutions.
For a restaurant, having 1 and therefore 2 or 3 Michelin stars * is a recognition.

1* rewards a very good table in its category.

2** reward an excellent table which is worth the trip. Specialities and top-grade wines, corresponding price.

3*** reward one of the best tables in France. Table, specialities, wines, services are perfect. Prices are corresponding but are not a criterion anymore.

Logis de France

The Logis de France Association counts about 4000 institutions in France. It is described as a hotel with a human face: tradition, friendliness, quality of the table and accomodation.

Classification set up by Logis de France:
1 chimney= simple and comfortable institution
2 chimneys= good comfort institution
3 chimneys= high comfort institution.

Relais et Châteaux

Institutions' Association which highlights quality hotels and restaurants in exceptionnal sites (restored castels, listed monuments...).

Relais Gourmands

Restaurants with international reputation which belong to the Relais et Châteaux chain.

Relais du Silence

2 or 3 stars institutions' Association which propose a high quality environment.



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